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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click on the blue links below for class blogs.

2020-2021 Guthrie Staff 

PrincipalM. Hornik
Vice-PrincipalMr. Schaus




Mr. Knapp & Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Liedtke &  Mrs. Rooney

Miss Masterson & Miss Reid

Mrs. Oatway & Mrs. Keene

Grade 1

Grade 1/2

Grade 2

Grade 2/3

Grade 3

Grade 3/4

Mrs. Sage, Mrs.Aldridge

Ms. Cunningham

Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Martynyshyn, Mrs. Patrick

Mrs. Rutledge

Mrs. Barkley

Mrs. Cillis 

Grade 4

Grade 4/5

Grade 5

Grade 6

Mr. Leonard

Mrs. Wright

Ms. Carter

Ms. MacDonald

Grade 6/7

​Grade 7

​Grade 7/8

Grade 8

Mr. Burgess

Mrs. Therrien

Ms. Muffitt

Mrs. Cain

Learning CentreMr. Morris
​FrenchMme. Michieli, Mme. Boudreau
​Teacher LibrarianMrs. Coutts
​Music​Ms. Boyd


Mrs. MacIntosh, Mr. Schaus, Mr. Morris

​Planning TimeMrs. McBride, Mrs. Wand, Ms. Martynyshyn, Mr. Morris

​Educational Assistants

Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Sharma

​Custodial Team

​Mrs. Brunner,  Mrs. Fair, Mrs. Reed

Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Loffelman